About Feel The Beat

Feel The Beat was created in 2005 by Miru Grenshi as the ultimate stop for music entertainment.  We offer a look into all genres of music so you are covered no matter what styles you enjoy. 

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We always have the newest hits available for you as well as interviews from the artists who make them.  If you are interested in a live show, our calendar will show the shows in your area. This is the ultimate place for people to discover new music.

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Miru Grenshi

Miru "The Guru" Grenshi is the founder and owner of Feel The Beat.  He has a masters degree in musical performance from Juilliard School of Music.  After learning about musical business, Miru decided to create a company centered around music.  He also has his own band that plays occassionally and hosts special events that are usually talked about on the website.  Miru has been known to support many musical organizations that help children learn how to play instruments.